About me and why I am here

I am a doting mom of a 4 year old boy from Lithuania.  I have been living in Canada for half of my life and call it my home.  I didn’t have it easy.  I am growing my son on my own.  Being a single mom, I had to learn how to live on a very tight budget.  I also wanted  my son  to eat homemade meals only.  That led to more and more cooking.  I already had a passion for cooking, because my mom wasn’t a good cook, so I started to cook for myself from an early age. Everybody loved it, the food was delicious and I liked doing it. That passion never left me. Now, more than ever before, when I am in the kitchen, I feel the excitement, I want to make more and more different dishes, I want to create. I have my son and my friends test the fruits of my labor.  I have so many different recipes in my head and in my cooking diary, that I decided to put everything into one place, and my Kitchen Secrets were born.

I will share with you how to make great meals on a very fixed budget, how to make everything from scratch  and, most importantly, how to make self rising, yeast free rye bread.  My grandmothers recipe. She used to make it back home, on a farm. My grandpa would grind the kernels with his own mill and my grandmother would make this bread from scratch. It only included the ingredients we had grown on a farm! And now, I make this wonderful bread every week, on Saturday. My son loves it, my friends feel lucky when they get half a loaf and we all are happy to eat such a healthy, full of fiber, bread. This bread is very healthy, it has a lot of fiber, and is made yeast-free.  After this bread regularly, you will feel positive changes, I promise.